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Aeroitalia is based in Italy and provides flights from Ancona to Split and Rijeka.

Official address: Calata Caio Duilio c/o, 61121 Stazione Marittima PU

Phone 1: +39 335.222335

Phone 2: +39 339.8340586

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Your questions, Our answers

How much does a flight ride cost from Split to Ancona?

The cost of a flight ride for a roundtrip adult ticket to Ancona leaving from Split is around $

Do Aeroitalia have toilets on board?

Aeroitalia do have toilets on board!

Is there Wi-Fi on Aeroitalia?

You can breathe a breath of fresh air… Aeroitalia DOES have Wi-Fi on board their rides

Do I need to print my ticket or does Aeroitalia offer e-tickets?

Aeroitalia has e-tickets so you don’t need to print your tickets.

Which cities does Aeroitalia operate in?

Aeroitalia operates in Split, Ancona, and Rijeka

What is Aeroitalia’s contact information?

Phone: +39 335.222335

Where is the Aeroitalia office?

Aeroitalia’s office is located at Calata Caio Duilio c/o, 61121 Stazione Marittima PU