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How to get from
Bohol to Cebu

Bohol to Cebu Trip Overview

Distance72 km (45.0 miles)
Price range$15-$23
Ride Duration2h
Earliest Departure00:00
Latest Departure09:20

A short bus ride to the shore followed by a ferry ride across the Cebu Strait is the easiest and least expensive way to get you from Bohol to Cebu. Separated by 75km, the total trip should take you anywhere between three and four hours, pending weather and traffic. The ideal time to visit Cebu is between December and February, away from the rainy season and heavy crowds that flock the coastline the rest of the year. Bring a camera so you can take pictures of the beautiful waterfalls around the coastline, and pack your bathing suit as there are plenty of water activities you can experience while on the beaches.

Travel Schedule Options from Bohol to Cebu

A beautiful view from within central Cebu

About the ride from Tagbilaran City, Bohol Island to Cebu

The 10th largest island in the Philippines, Bohol Island is known for its lush green surroundings and outdoor adventures. Start your discovery trail with a hike through the Chocolate Hills, known for the rich brown color they take on during the dry season. The perfectly symmetrical hills are a beautiful shade of green after the monsoons. Visit the Bamboo Hanging Bridge - the brave at heart can walk across the bridge while others can simply admire its beautiful surroundings.

Bohol Island is the perfect place to brush up on your paddle boarding skills while the Loboc River Cruise is a wonderful and relaxing way to take in the rustic charm of this region. Enjoy the sight of gently swaying palm trees and friendly villagers passing by.

Rent a bike and ride the serene two km stretch of the Mahogany Forest as the sun peeks through the tall trees. The Cambuyo Rice Terraces are also worth a visit. It’s a great way to get an insight into local life as you watch farmers work their land. One of the most wonderful things about Bohol Island is the secret it hides, namely The Secret Waterfall, which can only be found with a local guide. Dive into its crystal clear, aquamarine-colored waters that are just perfect for a refreshing dip!

With a plethora of natural attractions and man-made wonders, it is little wonder why tourists from all over the world are drawn to Cebu, one of the Philippines’ main tourist destinations. The waters of Cebu offer adventure seekers the chance to view an incredibly diverse underwater world.

Swim amidst colorful coral gardens and along with manta rays, dolphins and whale sharks. Cebu’s location is perfect for island hopping - simply rent a boat and visit some of the nearby islands. Cebu is also home to more than 90 waterfalls, and you can trek your way through to some of these refreshing cascades by booking an organized tour. Kawasan Falls is, by far, the most popular one.

Rich in history and culture, Cebu is also the site of historical monuments and religious structures. Some of the popular attractions are the Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills, the Basilica del Santo Nino, and the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist in Simala. To get a bird’s eye view of the island and its surroundings, trek atop Osmena Peak, the tallest mountain here, for some spectacular panoramas.

The distance from Tagbilaran City, Bohol Island to Cebu is around 45 miles by air (72 km). One of the most popular ways to travel this route is by ferry. With 14 departures every day and tickets ranging from $7-$30 per person, they are plenty of options to choose from. The ferry ride takes between two to five hours. The ferry operators offer various seating options - regular seats, flatbeds in a shared cabin, and even private rooms with bunk beds.


What to see when traveling from Tagbilaran City, Bohol Island to Cebu

With a travel time of two to five hours, the ferry ride is the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax. With some operators offering flat and bunk beds, you could even take a nap and wake up refreshed and ready to discover Cebu and its neighboring islands.


How to get from Tagbilaran City, Bohol Island to Cebu

Taking a ferry

There are 14 departures to Cebu from Tagbilaran City, Bohol Island at different times throughout the day. Travel times vary from two to five hours, and ticket prices range from $7 to $30 per ticket, giving travelers plenty of options to pick from. Depending on operator and price, seating arrangements are either regular seats, flatbeds in a shared cabin, or bunk beds in a private cabin. 

Companies Operating from Bohol to Cebu

Average time


Average price

$15 - $23


Popular stations and stops in Bohol and Cebu

Departure stations in Bohol

Tagbilaran City Port Terminal

Jetafe Port

Tagbilaran City Tourist Port

Jagna Port

Tagbilaran Ferry Terminal

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Arrival stations in Cebu

Cebu Pier 1

Cebu Port

Tubigon port

Tagbilaran Pier

Port of Cebu Passenger Terminal 2 (Pier 3)

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