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Distance219 km (136.9 miles)
Ride Duration3h
Earliest Departure15:00
Latest Departure23:00

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Travel Schedule Options from Rabat to Tangier

Taking a bus from Rabat to Tangier




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The fastest: 3h

The cheapest: $62



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English Speaking Staff

A beautiful view from within central Tangier

How to get from Rabat to Tangier

When you can rip yourself away from the magic of Morocco's capital, head 246 kilometers (152 miles) north to experience another coastal gem.

To reach Tangier's glittering shores, travelers can choose between a minivan along the highway that hugs the coast, riding a bus through the country, or hopping on one of Morocco's excellent trains.

Whichever option fits your itinerary best, you'll soon fall in love with this city's many treasures and spectacular views.

What is Tangier like?

Tangier rests on the Strait of Gibraltar, just 57.4 kilometers (35.7 miles) away from the coast of Spain, perfectly visible in clear skies.

Thanks to its rich history, Tangier is a port city packed with architectural delights for travelers. The region is home to a vibrant mixture of North African, Spanish, Portuguese, and French influences, which blend together in a beautiful fusion of languages and cultures.

Whatever brings you here, you'll adore meandering the city's maze-like passageways while the muezzin's prayer echoes over the city.

Five Unforgettable Activities in Tangier

Tangier's winding streets always lead eager tourists toward its most magical sights, but don't forget to add these attractions to your must-see list:

  1. Visit Cap Spartel and explore Hercules' cave. Visit this peaceful grassy stretch of land 1,000 feet above sea level, facing the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. The sprawling views are astounding, and you can also check out the nearby Hercules Cave to see where the epic hero rested after completing his famous Twelve Labours.

  1. Explore the delights of the medina. Like most of Morocco's medinas, Tangiers' is the oldest part of the city, founded over seven centuries ago. The thriving medina is still packed with stalls today. You'll find delicious local cuisine to keep you fuelled for a shopping bonanza. Check out the numerous shops and boutiques to find the perfect souvenir, and remember: come prepared to bargain. 

  1. Luxuriate on the beach. Everyone needs a break from sightseeing sometimes, so set off for one of the numerous beaches dotted along the city's coastline to relax in the inviting waters of the Mediterranean. 

  1. Walk the Boulevard Pasteur to the Grand Socco.: The Boulevard Pasteur overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar, offering more incredible vistas to enjoy. Avoid visiting in the heat of the day, but spend a morning or an afternoon meandering along its walls, checking out the telescopes and historic cannons.

  1. Visit the Dar el Makhzen: Once a sprawling palace that housed the upper echelons of society, Dar el Makhzen now protects Tangier's vast collection of artifacts with two museums: the Museum of Moroccan Art and the Museum of Antiquities. The museums display a fascinating collection of ceramics, illuminated manuscripts, and historic silks. Set aside at least half a day to explore this vast building that takes up a significant portion of the city's citadel.

How do I get from Rabat to Tangier?

Travelers have three options to get from Rabat to Tangier: a train, a minivan, or a bus.

By train: The most comfortable option

Trains in Morocco are all run by a state-owned railway operator called ONCF Voyages. The train is one of the most scenic ways to see the more rural areas in the country.

Services depart from Rabat Agdal Train Station and arrive at Tanger Ville Train Station. Depending on your chosen class, this option takes approximately one or five hours to reach Tangier.

The first-class train takes five hours to reach Tanger Ville Station, with various stops along the way. It costs approximately $35. 

While most carriages benefit from large windows that give everyone a great view, you can choose between two travel classes: first and second.

Possible first-class and second-class amenities include:

Air conditioning 


WiFi, subject to availability

Access to a USB charger point

A luggage allowance of one large bag and one piece of hand luggage with a total maximum weight of 23 kg 

In first-class carriages you get softer cushions, wider seats, and more legroom. There are rows of two and four-seat configurations. Each cluster has a small table in the middle that folds in to make more room between uses.

The second-class train is a direct service and takes one hour. It costs around $23. 

Seats in the second class are configured to have six seats per section. A shared table is accessible in the middle. 

By minivan: The most convenient option

Taking a minivan from Rabat to Tangier is the best option for people traveling in groups who want to schedule the trip around their itinerary. The minivan option takes between 2.5 hours and three hours to reach Tangier.

Possible minivan amenities include: 

Pick up from any hotel in Rabat (or the airport) and drop off at a hotel in Tangier 

Air conditioning 

A luggage allowance of up to 23 kg per passenger, which includes one large bag and one handbag

Rest stops

Travelers can choose their preferred departure time

Ticket prices start at around $61 and go up to $275 for private transfers.

By bus: The most affordable option

Services depart from CTM Bus Station in Rabat and arrive at CTM Bus Station in Tangier. It takes three hours and 45 minutes to reach Tangier.

Possible bus amenities include:

Air conditioning

Reclining seats



WiFi, subject to availability

A luggage allowance of 7 kg handbag per passenger

All additional luggage must be paid for directly to the driver and is very affordable

The best things about the ride from Rabat to Tangier

Whether taking the train, minivan, or bus, you'll experience stunning views as you head north up Morocco's coast to reach Tangier.

Travelers opting for the minivan will see picturesque vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, helping to build excitement for diving into the warm waters of the Strait of Gibraltar upon arrival. On the train, you might be a little further away from the action, but the views will still mesmerize you and help the journey pass by.

If you take the train, forget the headphones and chat with your neighbors because carriages are often social places. Pack some snacks to share to make friends, as sharing food on board is typical.

When is the best time to visit Tangier?

Visitors eager to see the best of Tangier should book their visit during the country's brief cold shoulder seasons, which arrive in spring and autumn and invite temperatures of between 59°F (15°C) and 70°F (21°C).

Book between September and November or March and May to see the city brimming with life without melting in the sun as you walk through the medina or around the citadel.

Plus, accommodation prices dip before and after the region's peak tourist season in the summer.

How many days should I spend in Tangier?

Book at least three to four days of accommodation here to see everything Tangier offers without rushing through each main attraction or melting in the sun!

A few days allow plenty of time to see the city's historic gems, with a day spare to switch between the beach and sampling the city's sumptuous food.

Add another couple of days to your trip if you intend to climb one of the mountains near Tangier. You'll need the extra time to rest!

Where should I go after Tangier?

Next, check out the nearby city of Tettawen, sometimes spelled Tetouan, another magnificent Moroccan city perfect for watersports.

If Gibraltar, Spain, peaking over the horizon is too tempting to resist, hop over the short stretch of water to explore.

Popular stations and stops in Rabat and Tangier

Departure stations in Rabat

Rabat - Any hotel

Rabat-Sale Airport (RBA)

Rabat Agdal Train Station

Rabat CTM Station

New Rabat Bus and Train Station

Arrival stations in Tangier

Tangier - Any hotel

Tangier Med Port Center

Tangier Train Station

CTM Bus Station Tangier

Tangier Main Bus Station

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